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rawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwr mom ok rawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwr [Dec. 27th, 2004|12:46 am]
* S a r a h *
AND I CAN GET IT DONE...............

like when i die...like at my funeral.

and by the way i didnt type i want my nose pierced like 1767695 times i pasted.
im not that much of a loser.
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yea i used to part my bangs so i had this big ass A on my forehead and i had two uneven pigtails too [Dec. 10th, 2004|06:24 pm]
* S a r a h *
[I Feel... |bouncyjust insane,for the moment]
[DJ Sarah Is Spinning (lmao) |since youve been gonnnne! I can breathe for the firsst time!]

well hello there

i havent updated in a very long time

frowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwnie face

lol ok the only reason i updated this is cuz im waiting for my hair to get dry enough so that i can go style it.
Im very happy and hyper right now.
Im going ice skating with my buddy olivia and kathleeeeeeeeeeen
yea well im too frucking hyper to type now
well update lattttttter

I promise

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i gotta a TV on my wall so i can watch the knicks play basketballllllll [Nov. 27th, 2004|10:20 pm]
* S a r a h *
[I Feel... |bouncygiddy and hyper as helllllll]
[DJ Sarah Is Spinning (lmao) |Sugar Hill Gang...yea u better believe it biotches!!! :-P]

hahaha oh man great night<3
all i can say is that i love my uncle very very very very verrrrrrry much.
and that queen is the best band.
but the best song is rappers delight.
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i wouldnt stop if i could...oooooh it hurts to be this goooood [Nov. 24th, 2004|07:23 pm]
* S a r a h *
[I Feel... |gratefulgrateful<3]
[DJ Sarah Is Spinning (lmao) |brand new]

wooo well i suddenly felt compelled to re-do this thing and update.
Yes well i made it checkerboard with cool pink accents. ohhhh snap son its mad hot. and look at my mood icon he gots the pink shirt oooooh hes a pimpppppppp. ok lemme stop.
Yea so my life...ummmm the first word to come to mind is great.
Damara and i are friends now!!! thats an awesome thing shes so cool and shes a bitch isnt that great? hahaha :-P
But actually i have to say things have been going pretttttty good for me. Im actually friends with a lot of new people and it seems like im virtually enemy less these days. Ive been getting along with everybody these days and ive been in such a good mood because of it these past few weeks. Like for example Olivia and I. Olivia hated me in 3rd grade and i hated her too. Then we just didnt talk. Then this year were friends. I have her phone number,and im going ice skating with her this Friday night. Shes also my "omfg mr.lee is a jackass and i dont get this math omfg" buddy :-P. And Antonio. Antonio hated my guts for the longest time and then this year,were buddies. And i broke his heart because i didnt give him a dollar. Hes such an ass hahaha. But seriously thought ive really been happy for the past few weeks. Like really and truly happy.
But my OCD has been really really bad too so that sucks for me! But its allllll good.
In other new i got a new phone.
If your special enough,you have the number.
Annnnnywho my dad got his truck today (:D) but he had to leave his cougar at the car dealership sooo we gotta go pick that up now.
So im gonna make like a bananna and split!
haha im in love with these corny ways to say bye :-P
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hellllllooooOoOo [Oct. 11th, 2004|01:59 pm]
* S a r a h *
[I Feel... |weirdweird]
[DJ Sarah Is Spinning (lmao) |Seventy Times 7-Brand New]

guess what this is gonna be? A REAL ENTRY! wooooop
Yea, well ive been a pretty sucky updater but ive been busy i guess. Lots of hanging out. Last night i was hanging out with dwayne nd joey nd it was..like..i dont kno..wierd, It was kind of not fun times :[. But w.e. Today i woke up bcuz my dad was yelling at me that ive been "sleeping my life away". lmfao! So i got up and got dressed and my mom + me + my brother went to go pick up my cousin justin and that was pretty cool. Kyle and Drew are soooo adorable,DREW HADDA MOHAWK! it was soooo cute. I cant believe theyre freaking three years old that is so crazy! lol so on the way home we stopped at carvel and got an ice cream cake for tonight. Aunt lisa chelline and aunt jen are coming over and im soooo excited!! It kinda sucks tho because i have to go and do all the h.w. i havent done yet like now because there coming right after dinner and when they leave (knowing them) its prolly gonna be around 10:00ish lol. I kno this is pretty much rambling and some random shit but its not like anyone reads this anyways :P. Yea anyways when i got home i re-did the back of my door and now its COMPLETELY covered in bday cards its awesomeness. Im starting with my wall next because i have over 300 bday cards saved (no joke my mom is super sentimental and has saved evry bday card ive ever gotten...literally :P). Yea but anyways i gotta go and do that hw and finish eating my carvel...
Peace Out Cub Scout
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guessssss whos bbbbbbback :-D [Oct. 9th, 2004|02:12 pm]
* S a r a h *
[I Feel... |contemplativecontemplative]
[DJ Sarah Is Spinning (lmao) |broken-seether (?) and amy lee]

hehe wow I havent written in this thing in so long!! I miss blogging lol.
Anyways this isnt my friggen entry ill post later
Im changing this thing around
ok? ok!
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if im just bad news then youre a liar..... [Sep. 7th, 2004|06:10 pm]
* S a r a h *
[I Feel... |indescribableindescribable]
[DJ Sarah Is Spinning (lmao) |tbs-a decade under the influence]

wow summer is officially over annnd im a seventh grader (wow so old =-/).
well today was a pretty good day. I got up at like...6?
I straightened my hair and got dressed and all that crap. I think i actually looked kinda cute =P. At 7:10ish (im insane) my mom drove me down to Gabbys bus stop and me nd her were hanging out with Heather who i havent seen inna longgggg time <333.
Well screw all this crap.
I get to school and gabby (my wuvvvv) walked me up to my classroom because you kno,imma dork :]. So that was cool and everything was going pretty good till spanish/gym chorus/challenge. I get shoved to the ground my some huge 8th garder and pushed around nd crap to get to spanish. Which i got ot 10 minutes late....
annnnyways senor assguy told me i was gonna have detention for being late (he later realized how retarded that was nd was sed nevermind). So we get thru spanish (lmao star-asia when is youre bday again?!!) and i go to chorus. which is when i find out i wasnt supposed to even be in that spanish class i was supposed to be in GYM...so then i go to the challenge like 20 minutes later and some lady who i dont think was mrs.lieber was there. she asked me if i got lost. no bitch i got stuffed in my locker and couldnt get out. its my first day in this retarded school of course i got lost!!!!!!!
annnnyways next period was lunch and I was gonna attempt to open my locker. screw that locker its stupid. so i get top lunch and i ended up sitting with brian keane (:[) and marilyn.and i didnt kno when to get lunch and butch was screaming in to the microphone and i was like ahhhhhh stfu! so lunch was...fun...yea fun. well stick with that.
then tech w/ mr.litz..hahahahaha hes so funny....he put on BET lmao!!!!! he was one of my favorite teachers actually :]. Then mr.branch...hes..loud...idk i dont have anything to say about him.
then mr.lee...haha hes cool :-P.
I almost passed the door to get on the bus (imma doofus ok?!) but then dwayne came and saved and me. yyyyyyyay. uhhhh then i was talking to gabby whos in 4th period lunch because shes GAY lol no j.k.
yea then i came home and i was hanging out with dwayne and joey and he kept calling me the lesbian lord of the flames. faggot.
yea well this is long so i better shut up now.

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Welllllll [Sep. 2nd, 2004|11:40 am]
* S a r a h *
[I Feel... |awakeawake]
[DJ Sarah Is Spinning (lmao) |Brand New-Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows]

ok wow sorta busy day today
Get in the shower
dry my hair
run to CVS to get my coloring kit thingy
go to Long Beach Train Station and get Uncle Timmy
Go To Ginos For Lunch
Come back here with Uncle Timmy
Hang out
eat dinner
then uncle tims going home and
I am getting my hair highlighted by my mommy!
Excited Exited!
Yea so now im waiting for the shower dah dah dah
And Joseph is acting like a complete asshole
like usual :-x
Sometimes i really cant stand him...
Anyways i have to much crap to be doing right now then be sitting here writing in this dumb thingy that no one is even going to read.
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Testing [Aug. 30th, 2004|01:35 pm]
* S a r a h *
[I Feel... |accomplishedaccomplished]
[DJ Sarah Is Spinning (lmao) |maroon 5]

im testing this thingy to see if my mood pic thinger is gonna work...have i mentioned how i LOVE livejournal?
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I <3 This! [Aug. 30th, 2004|12:35 pm]
* S a r a h *
omg this is soooo cool! woo nd its easy to customize too...i like i like
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